Open letter from Maria Sapozhnikova, Head of NCF Russia

I’m addressing this letter to all Russian citizens, my compatriots.

On February 24th, the Russian army crossed into Ukraine, a sovereign country. We cannot stay quiet. It is our duty as Russian citizens and our obligation as human beings to raise our voices against this action.

To those who think that they can stay silent and not get involved in this despicable tragedy and it will just go away, I assure you it won’t! It’s us and only us Russian citizens who can stop this.

Our soldiers are dying. History will never forgive our silence, not only us but our children will have to carry the burden of guilt we are accumulating today. Our will to stop this war should be bigger than our fear.

President Putin and his government are plunging our country into a war that could last for years and years, bringing terrible misery to everyone involved. We haven’t chosen this war so let’s speak against it.

The whole world is watching us!

History will harshly judge our silence.

Maria Sapozhnikova, Head of The Next Century Foundation in Russia

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