Tensions, Rivalries and Iraq

There remain a myriad of obstructions to Iraq’s peace and stability, namely the many diverging political groups, a resurgent ISIL threat, and the aforementioned geopolitical tensions that are manifested in a more insidious form. The Next Century Foundation empathises with the people of Iraq who suffer for this reality.

Ammar al-Shahbander

This sad note about the circumstances of Ammar al-Shahbander’s death just came in from a senior board member of the … More

Ammar al-Shahbander

It is with great saddness that we have to tell you that we have been informed that Mr Ammar al-Shahbander, … More

Statement on ISIS

The Holy Koran states that in the last days the ‘mufsidin fi al-ard,’ (those who corrupt the earth), will appear. … More