Don’t forget Princess Basmah

In March 2019, HRH Princess Basmah was arrested along with her loyal and devoted 28 year-old daughter. Princess Basmah intended to go to Switzerland for medical treatment. However, she was suspected of fleeing Saudi Arabia, since she appeared to be travelling without the normally required permission of HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Since then, Princess Basmah and her daughter have been detained in Al-Ha’ir prison, near Riyadh.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for letting Princess Basmah call her family in May 2021. This call was important as since April 2020, Princess Basmah had been unable to contact her relatives. However, this call to her son Ahmed al-Sharif was cut short after she started mentioning having drafted a will. Given Princess Basmah’s several health issues, her detention can only be worsening them.

We kindly renew our plea to let Princess Basmah and her daughter have a call with the outside world. While in custody, they have been isolated from their relatives and deprived of communication with them. Considering Princess Basmah’s health, we urge the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ease her custody by allowing her to communicate with her family and loved-ones.

Moreover, Princess Basmah represents no real threat to the status quo and sovereignty of Saudi Arabia. We are certain a revision of her custody would be seen as a kind gesture and receive international support and be a credit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She has also championed many ideas that have been adopted by the new Crown Prince, HRH Mohammed bin Salman. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would greatly benefit from this action.

The Next Century Foundation is respectfully renewing their concerns over the custody of Princess Basmah and her daughter. Princess Basmah has several health issues which require adequate medical treatment, which she is unable to get in prison. We beg the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to let Princess Basmah communicate with her relatives as Princess Basmah has showed her loyalty to the royal family of Saudi Arabia.

Veronica Morris from the Next Century Foundation adds her own personal plea as a friend of Princess Basmah. She asks, ”Please let my friend go home”.

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