Thank you for your help! NCF Run Fundraiser

As many of you will know, NCF relies on the generosity of our supporters to continue to do the necessary work of conflict resolution and trust building in the Middle East and beyond. This year has presented a dual challenge: at the same time that the pandemic has produced unprecedented financial challenges for charitable organisations and the areas we work closest with have seen a marked increase in violence and instability. The Israel-Palestine conflict turned hot in May, the Taliban has retaken control of Afghanistan in its entirety, and Yemen continues to face what is undoubtably the greatest preventable humanitarian crisis of the 21st century. The work we do is thus more important now than ever, at a time when funding for organisations such as ours is sparse.

Whilst the challenges have been great, our achievements this year have been equally immense. In July, we ran a successful week-long Healing the Nations Conference, bringing together diverse, high-profile voices from the region and beyond to share insights about local conflicts, focusing on shared solutions. Earlier in the year, when Israel and Hamas were in armed conflict, we held a series of weekly working groups with brought together Gazans, Israelis, and other valuable voices to plan our response, not just to end the violence but to think beyond and bring about the resumption of the peace track. William was present and presenting at the Arab Summit, whilst our interns are hard at work preparing written and oral statements to the UN’s 48th session. Our role is necessary, and vital, to conflict resolution and trust building efforts.

In this respect, we sincerely thank you for your participation in the fundraising run: on Saturday 4th September at 10:30 BTS the Next Century Foundation team took part in the annual run to raise money for the foundation, and we have been grateful for any donations you could spare. Our interns, volunteers participating in the run and contributors are extremely grateful to have raised this year’s total of £5,000. We thank you for your support. All donations raised are kindly being doubled by funding from the Wineman Trust, so any amount you decided to donate with have a valuable impact on our ability to continue working on these desperately crucial issues.

In case you missed the chance to donate on Saturday, you can at the link at the end.

Thank you so much for your contribution

On behalf of the NCF Team,


To donate to the fundraising run please click on the link below:

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