In memoriam: Lady Khadiga Hussein

Lady Khadiga, founder of Sudanese Mothers for Peace, has died before her time in Khartoum from the remorseless Covid 19 pandemic, a plague that has hit Sudan cruelly as it has almost everywhere. The Next Century Foundation deeply laments her loss. She was a dear friend to us all.

Khadiga Hussein founded Sudanese Mothers for Peace some 25 years ago. Since when it has been a major force for good, campaigning tirelessly for a comprehensive peace in Sudan. And it was precisely that, a comprehensive peace that embraced all Sudan, both North and South, that Khadiga campaigned for. Like most Sudanese of her generation, she was saddened by the recent British engineered partition of Sudan into two countries.

Her calm voice for peace and democracy, in the dark days of the dictatorship of President Bashir, was both a beacon and an inspiration. Called “Mama Khadiga” by many, Lady Khadiga Hussein was always outspoken in her appeals for an end to what she called the “nasty killings” that went on in her precious homeland.

We cannot overstate what a powerful force for good Khadiga Hussein has been. May her soul rest with the angels. Khadiga inspired a generation. The women of Sudan were the force that brought change to Sudan in a very real sense. Had Khadiga not stepped forward in the calm, courageous way she did, Sudan, and indeed the world, would have been a poorer place.

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