Tigray and Ethiopia: Oral Intervention at 46th Session UN HRC

What follows is an oral intervention on Ethiopia delivered by William Morris, NCF’s Secretary General to the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

Madam President,

The Next Century Foundation is concerned by the ongoing tragedy in Tigray region of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Tigray remains unstable and fighting continues. Refugees from Tigray relay reports of famine and rape, there are also reports of Eritrean refugees fleeing Tigray being killed or taken to the State of Eritrea by Eritrean military involved in the war. Many cannot harvest their crops because of the fighting access to food water and medicine is constrained: obstacles include delays in the Federal Government’s permission for Humanitarian Aid to be delivered, failure to act has led to vast numbers of deaths.

We call for a ceasefire in Tigre and the Eritrean government to withdraw its forces from the region. We also call for obstacles preventing humanitarian aid organizations from reaching all parts of the region to be removed, telephone and internet services should be restored, and banks should be opened to enable residents to access their savings. The problem in Tigray is the worst problem that the continent of Africa is currently facing, all sides bear some part of the responsibility. It is never too soon to begin laying the foundations for peace and forgiveness.

Thank you.

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