Afghanistan: Give Peace a Chance

The NCF weeps for those students attacked at Kabul University this week, and appeals to all to give peace a chance to allow the next generation to build a prosperous future for all in Afghanistan.

This week’s attack at the University in Afghanistan’s capital, saw 19 killed and 22 injured when gunmen stormed the building in a siege that lasted over four hours. This attack adds to the escalation in violence seen in the country in the past month. On 24th October a roadside bomb killed 9 civilians on a bus that was travelling from Kabul to the Eastern city of Ghazani. The following day 30 students, some as young as 15, were killed by a suicide bomber, at the Kaswar-e Danish education centre in Kabul. These attacks ended a month of rampant attacks across the country. October had the highest civilian death toll in a single month since September 2019.

This surge in attacks comes against the backdrop of ongoing talks in Doha, between Afghan government negotiators and the Taliban, aimed to end decades of war through political settlement. These negotiations were initiated after the US signed a troop withdrawal deal in February, however in the six months since the deal was signed, 12,000 Afghans have been killed and as many as 15,000 injured, and today’s tragedy adds to these sorrowful statistics.

This week’s violent attacks target the youth of the country, those that are the backbone of the nations’ future; they target the confines of establishments in which minds and ideas are nourished to learn and develop a vision for the country’s future. These violent attacks attempt to disrupt dialogue that aims to pave the way to future peace. It is time to give peace a chance by ending this continual onslaught against Afghanistan’s future.

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