YEMEN NEWS BRIEF – Oct 16, 2019

Keeping Yemeni children in school


The UAE is continuing to support Yemenis, under the framework of its humanitarian mission to ease their suffering and improve their living conditions, through reinforcing service sectors in the country’s liberated governorates, especially the education sector.

The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, inaugurated Has-Hasa Elementary School in Al Saeed District, Shabwa, with the attendance of Ali Naasan, Director of the Governorate’s Education Office, and several officials.

Ali Naasan praised the UAE’s efforts to improve living conditions in the governorate, stressing that the restoration and furnishing of the school enabled around 500 students to return to class.

US Democrats calls for an immediate end to Yemen’s war over fear of regional destabilisation


Former national security adviser Susan Rice, former US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power and former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes are among a group of signatories on a letter to Democratic leaders, obtained by CNN, that argues that the policy they were instrumental in implementing could lead to much bigger problems in future.
“The ongoing conflict between Saudi Arabia and Yemen’s Houthis threatens fresh U.S. military action in the region,” they write. “President Trump recently signaled that the United States is ‘locked and loaded’ for possible intervention at the behest of Saudi Arabia, deployed U.S. troops to the Saudi kingdom, and escalated military tensions with Iran. In addition to making a war with Iran more likely, the conflict in Yemen is also imperiling tens of millions of the most vulnerable people on earth through disease, starvation and violence.”


The Trump administration has been insistent that is the President’s job to enact US foreign policy and that any attempt to limit his authority is inappropriate. In his veto message in response to SR7, Trump argued that Congress was the one overstepping its bounds.

Political agreement within reach in South Yemen


Sources in Aden have confirmed that a signed agreement in between the STC (Southern Transitional Council) and Hadi’s forces are ironing out the last details of a truce – ending weeks of infighting in the region.

An announcement on a final agreement in indirect talks between the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council (STC) under the auspices of Saudi Arabia is expected on Thursday. The talks in the Saudi Red Sea city of Jeddah are aimed at putting an end to the differences between the two sides.

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