YEMEN NEWS BRIEF – Oct 13, 2019

ERC continues aid efforts in Aden, Yemen


The UAE has launched a relief campaign for internally displaced people camps in Aden governorate as part of its emergency response campaign in the liberated Yemeni governorates.

Around 1,400 displaced people across 14 different districts in Aden received the food aid, as part of the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, efforts to improve living conditions in Yemen.

During the last week, the ERC dispatched food aid convoys to some 3,000 families in the Hodeidah governorate.

Yemen’s cholera outbreak to worsen


Children’s advocacy group, Save the Children has warned that a increase in fuel shortages puts Yemen’s highlands at further risk of yet another cholera outbreak.

Save the Children wrote in a report this week: “Between August and September, there was a 60 percent decrease in the amount of fuel coming through Hodeidah port – this is because of a decree by the government of Yemen requiring customs duties to be paid in Aden before allowing ships to discharge in Hodeidah – of course this means double customs duty. The price of fuel has increased by 100 percent over the past 40 days, which made the transport of lifesaving goods to communities in need 30 percent more expensive. Transportation which previously took one day is now taking three days as trucks have to wait for fuel, resulting in huge delays in getting food and medicines to communities.

We ask the international community to work with the government of Yemen to waiver this decree immediately so that this unfolding crisis can be averted. It is vital that there is free, unhindered access for humanitarian and commercial goods, including fuel, into and across the country as this is a lifeline for many families.

The fuel shortage further compounds the health crisis in Yemen by attacking public sanitation. A lack of fuel means that sanitation workers can’t remove trash, and so it piles up in the streets of the capital and contributes to the spread of disease.”

Yemen’s Houthis say “spy drone” shot down in Hodeidah


Yemen’s Shiite Houthi rebels said they shot down a “spy drone” over the Yemeni Red Sea port city of Hodeidah on Sunday.

“The spy drone of the aggressor’s forces was downed over Kilo 16 area,” the rebel TV al-Masirah reported, without giving further details.

The Saudi Arabia-led coalition did not comment on the rebels’ claim.

The coalition intervened in Yemen’s civil war in March 2015 to support Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi after Houthi rebels forced him into exile after seizing much of the country’s north, including the capital Sanaa.

Hodeidah, the main lifeline entry of the country’s most commercial imports and humanitarian aid, has become a focal point of the Yemen war since June 2018, when the coalition forces advanced into the southern edge of Hodeidah in preparation to retake the port city.


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