Understanding Terrorism: A Survivor’s View

understanding terrorism

On 1 November, Initiatives of change UK welcomes Bjorn Ihler to speak on the theme of understanding terrorism. A survivor of the horrific July 2011 attack by far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik on the Norwegian island of Itoya, in which Breivik murdered 77 people, Ihler survived the massacre by feigning death. Since then Ihler, now 26, has dedicated his life to understanding extremism, and what it is that drives people to commit acts of terrorism. Ihler endeavours to find positive responses to extremism, and to support those driven to commit barbarous acts by hopelessness, rage and societal alienation.

While all acts of terrorism should be wholeheartedly condemned, we must strive for a greater understanding of the societal conditions that lead people to extremism, so that they may be guarded against. Ihler’s commendable work serves as an example to everybody, and his interview will offer a fascinating, oft-neglected perspective on the roots of terrorism.

For information on timings and location, click here

For free tickets, RSVP to london.reception@iofc.org, or call 0207 7798 6000


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