Syrian refugees exploited

Turkey RefugeesSyrian refugees in Turkey face yet another tragedy, it has emerged, as they are exploited for cheap labour under poor work conditions. Millions of Syrians refugees living in Syria’s neighbouring countries are highly vulnerable and often lack the means to work and provide for themselves lawfully. There are 2.2 million refugees in Turkey of whom only 4,000 have been granted work permits since 2011. It is sad that some business owners are cruelly exploiting this vulnerability to gain cheap labour. To add insult to injury, business owners are going so far as to employ cheap child labour, and there have been reports of abuse. Since becoming aware of the problem, the Turkish government has promised to grant more work permits to refugees so they can work legally, in regulated industries. The recent deal between Turkey and the EU raises hope that the issue will be tackled effectively. This deal provides Turkey with funds to improve the lives of refugees inside Turkey in an attempt to stem the influx into Europe. UK brands that import from Turkey have also been made aware that exploitative conditions could exist in Turkish factories, and they are consequently also taking measures to reduce the risk of exploitation by their suppliers.


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