100 killed in Zlietan Libya

We just heard the sad news that a truck bomb was used to kill 100 boys at their graduation ceremony in Zleitan close to Misrata in Libya. The youngsters were police cadets who has just completed their training. The truck bomb was driven into the compound.

This sick behaviour will be blamed erroneously on IS affiliates whereas the reality is that it is more likely to be attributable to ex-Gaddafi loyalists. A water truck was filled with explosives and then detonated inside the compound. Our Misratan source does not view this as having been a suicide attack (contrary to reports in the Western press) but a cowardly bombing of the most callous kind.

What is certain is that the international community has to stop promoting war in Libya by backing Haftar, a man mistrusted by nearly all Libyans, and start promoting a real enduring peace. It is time for this to end.


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