Commons Vote on Syria heralds war not peace


Jackie Malden, an old friend of mine and a photographer (the poster is hers) writes:

“Looks a lot like we are heading into WWIII … and as for the bombing vote …. have we learnt absolutely nothing from the past?

I am sure you will know of Dr Scott Atran, Anthropologist and Researcher of Terrorism. I watched the most inspiring interview with him on RT a while back. His recommendations for a way out of all this made such sense. You’re probably well aware of his opinions, but what struck me was how, instead of just looking at today, and more bombing, he says we should be looking at how to prevent young disaffected men from becoming terrorists in the first place.

He points out that, as civilizations collapse, and with the availability of the internet, these young people feel their voices are denied normal channels and are turning to extremists for alliances, for excitement, adventure and money. Youths are connecting to radicalism peer-to-peer.

I like the way he says we need a heroic cause for youths disillusioned with authority. ISIL appeals because it taps into the Muslim dream of having their own state … these young people want to belong. They need to be redirected. They need to feel valued. They need a cause to unite them other than violence and hatred. It calls for inspired teaching from an early age. This must come from Muslims themselves.

Forget sending in more bombs. Bombing does not bring peace. Bombing now will take us further towards WWIII.”


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