How Will This Ever End?


How will this ever end. If we stopped promoting war in the Middle East it would be a beginning. If you want to invade the Middle East, go right ahead, seize the territory, establish dominion, conquer it and rule it. I have no quarrel with that. Otherwise keep your dirty little fingers out of it. Leave it alone. Stop pretending you occupy the moral high ground. British-led sanctions on Iraq contributed to the deaths of up to 5,000 a month for half a decade in Iraq. The current war in Syria has had a similar death toll and is entirely sustained by the petrol poured on the flames by the international community. That is you. You are the international community. You elect these politicians that govern us so badly. The present migration crisis is entirely the result of our actions in the Middle East, particularly our policies in regard to Libya and Syria. We have destabilised the region. We can blame no one else.


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