Night bombing continues as the Yemen war grinds on

This comes in from a Senior Board Member of the Next Century Foundation:   Untold hundreds of innocent Yemeni civilians are being caught in the cross-fire of regular bombing runs.

There is no viable end game in the Yemen war.

At a time when the Yemen war against the Huthis is escalating, the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) — which promises to liberate Mecca and Medina from “the Saudi snake” — is gaining in both Syria and Iraq, while “al-Qa’ida” is consolidating its gains in Yemen.

Washington is deeply involved in supporting the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF). Without US help, the Saudis could not sustain their air campaign. They depend on U.S. and British corporate support to maintain their aircraft; they need intelligence to find their targets; and they need resupply to replace their expended munitions.


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